Latest Past Events

Ayurvedic Individual Consultations

Well Being Studio 89 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg

Are you seeking a natural approach to feeling healthier, happier, boosting your immunity and your energy levels? An Ayurvedic consultation will give you a clear understanding of what changes in your lifestyle and your diet would be most beneficial for your individual constitution. A consultation takes about 1 hour, during which Dr. Dinil will provide […]


Lifestyle Changes for Pandemic Times; An Ayurvedic perspective

Online via Zoom

Nutrition and lifestyle habits are crucial to maintain optimal health, especially in a period when the immune system is needed to fight back. In this webinar Dr Dinil will share with us the perspective of Ayurveda including which lifestyle changes could be recommended during the pandemic of Covid-19: Some of the topics that will be […]


Yoga for Kids – Krida Yoga with Olga

Well Being Studio 89 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg

The main focus of the course is to raise awareness of the connection between emotions, state of mind and physical state of a human body. Through simple exercises, breathing techniques and yogic style games children will learn how to stay active, maintain internal balance, how to live and express emotions in a safe and constructive […]