March yoga pose of the month

Bakasana – Crow pose

Namaste dear yoga community, I hope you get to enjoy the first sunshine of the spring! It is the perfect month to find our inner strength and to set the right intentions as we move soon into the spring equinox. I love the asana bakasana – crow pose as it gives us the opportunity to find this strength and balance which is a metaphor of our life.

Instructions for the pose:
1. Come into a yogi squat pose.
2. Place your palms down on the mat, with your middle finger pointing forward.
3. Use the back of your arms as shelves for your knees, breathe in and lean forward, with your gaze between your hands.
4. Transfer your weight evenly through your hands, squeeze the elbows in alignment with your shoulders to lift higher into the pose. Spread the shoulder blades, pull the inner thighs towards each other and straighten the arms while lifting the feet towards your pelvis. Hold the asana for few breaths.
5. To come out of the pose lower your feet back down to the ground keep the core engaged.
Happy practicing dear yogis ❤️🙏😉

Natalie Pollinger is an instructor with an advanced 500hr Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher certification from Sonic Yoga in NYC and an 85hr Prenatal Asana and Pranayama certification from Integral Yoga in NYC. Natalie used to teach yoga for several years in NYC, and is now living in Paris and Luxembourg and teaching classes at the studio Well-Being on Friday evenings, monthly events and on Sundays. Join for classes and get in touch and follow on
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