Pilates Prénatal

Ce cours s’adresse aux femmes enceintes dès le 1er mois et jusqu’à l’accouchement. Aucune expérience préalable n’est nécessaire. La grossesse est un moment idéal pour découvrir les bienfaits du Pilates!

Le Pilates Prénatal est conçu pour vous permettre, quelle que soit votre condition, d’améliorer votre posture, de vous maintenir en bon état physique et de vous détendre tout en douceur.

Une heure pour préserver votre dos et vos articulations, vous étirer, favoriser le travail du périnée et accompagner les évolutions de votre corps durant votre grossesse.

Comment ça se passe?

Grâce à un programme spécialement dédié et avec différents accessoires (balles, coussins, bandes, …) les cours s’articulent autour d’exercices adaptés à la grossesse et de séquences de relaxation.


What are some of the key benefits of prenatal pilates for the mother and her baby?

There are many benefits to practicing pilates during pregnancy. It helps with common discomforts of pregnancy like back pain, heartburn, sleep difficulties, shortness of breath, etc. It helps with body alignment and awareness, both to help with physical discomforts of pregnancy and to help with optimal position of the baby for birth. Pilates helps build strength and stability as well as flexibility.

Why do you feel prenatal pilates is important for pregnancy health?

The lovely thing about pilates is that it is different from other kinds of “exercise” in that pilates coordinates movement, breath and awareness. The pregnant mama’s whole being is being cared for on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.
Besides the physical benefits of pilates to strengthen and open the mother’s body to make her more comfortable and strong, there is the physical benefit of aligning the mother’s body in order to help the baby be in an optimal position for childbirth.

Are there any cautions? Are there certain restrictions for pregnant mothers regarding pilates?

Yes, there some basic “don’ts” in prenatal pilates, but there are many that depend on who the mama is. For example: where she is in her pregnancy, does she already have a pilates practice, her health history, is she having any acute health issues?

In general mamas shouldn’t lie on their bellies, move too quickly, do big backbends or deep twists, practice inversions at the end of their pregnancies, or the splits. I would caution all mamas to find good pelvic alignment in all their poses and watch for over extending their ligaments and the connective tissue at the midline of their abdomen.

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