Pilates Flow

This class consist from Pilates & contemporary dance movements.

Pilates brings our attention to the importance of deep core support, pelvic alignment and full range of motion allowing for fluid and controlled movement throughout the body. Pilates teaches us how to integrate our spine with our limbs so overall movement is more fluid and embodied. This leads to efficient, fluid, whole body movements that are essential principles of dance.

In this class you will learn how one movement flows to another.

Class will be divided in two parts: first part more flowing, dynamic Pilates and Dance movements;
in second part we will work with small equipment such as weights, balls, Pilates rings, elastics and rollers to deepen your understanding of the exercise objectives.

I began dancing at the early age of 4 and dance accompanied me along a life-long journey. I studied classical ballet as basics (Royal Academy of Dance Method) and modern contemporary later, finding myself very comfortable in it. In 2010 I graduated after a four years full study program at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Bachelor of Dance, performing field. Impro & Creation https://youtu.be/lnvfAY22UwQ https://youtu.be/sTkZSNdRvm4 https://youtu.be/tvaveWNgeVw https://youtu.be/eGTfsixUCKU

Agne, originally from Lithuania, started dancing at the age of 4. Her relentless passion made her an accomplished international performer and dance instructor. As many dancers, she became drawn to pilates and discovered its deeply healing benefits of breath, alignment and mindfulness. Agne is a qualified pilates instructor and offers dance workshops throughout Europe.

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