Pilates Ballet

In this class we will combine Pilates with Ballet technique making a full program for all the body.
Emphasizing in breathing and good posture this class will create an intense and effective workout that will transform your body, clear your mind, help you focus and contribute to a happy and healthy life.

Pilates enables targeting of the muscle groups that support ballet technique. Learning about the importance of the small and linking muscles and not just the prime movers helps dancers and not dancers prevent injury and improve technically. Pilates is technically challenging and requires patience and perseverance, Ballet also.

We’re teaching your nervous system a particular language. Essentially it’s a mind-driven process, the Pilates principles of concentration, centering and control leading to the desired precision and flow. The exercises will take place in standing position, on the floor, and at the barre.

Theodora studied and worked in Greece in Pilates-Dance Studio and in a private school as a supervisor. The classes that were teached was Pilates, Ballet and Modern dance classes. Also, she was trainer at pre-post natal fitness classes and from 2014 had her own mixed dance group with people with and without disabilities.

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