Body Talks

Contemporary Dance

Mixing ballet technique, floor work and gestural expression, in my class, we will approach dance through different angles, as I like to wander between conventional and unconventional, asking to search for  images and colors to work on dynamics and rhythm as well as on the technique.
Most of my inspiration comes from music, and I use a lot of guided improvisation to connect with the body and its infinite range of movement, but I also give settled exercises  to improve the skills in order to work on my repertoire and new choreographies.
I believe that everyone can listen to their inner rhythm and make an artistic expression of it through body language, so don’t be shy and have a try!

I began dancing at the early age of 4 and dance accompanied me along a life-long journey. I studied classical ballet as basics (Royal Academy of Dance Method) and modern contemporary later, finding myself very comfortable in it. In 2010 I graduated after a four years full study program at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in Bachelor of Dance, performing field. Impro & Creation

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