Barre au sol – Floor barre

Floor barre is a fantastic way of maintaining core, hip, and foot control whilst not bearing weight down though your feet. It is often more challenging than a normal barre and an effective way of improving your technique. While doing floor barre you can quickly work out where your weaknesses or any discrepancies in strength or range from side to side are.
La barre au sol est pratiquée depuis des années par les danseuses classiques. Cette discipline permet de s’entrainer directement au sol, pour assouplir les articulations et corriger les positions.
Tout le monde peut y participer pour travailler sa souplesse, tonifier ses muscles et galber sa silhouette.

Theodora studied and worked in Greece in Pilates-Dance Studio and in a private school as a supervisor. The classes that were teached was Pilates, Ballet and Modern dance classes. Also, she was trainer at pre-post natal fitness classes and from 2014 had her own mixed dance group with people with and without disabilities.

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