AcroYoga Family

We believe everyone can fly!

Yoga, acrobatics and thai massage come together to offer a world of possibilities for families
to play, bond, connect with their bodies and take care of each other.

Family Acroyoga creates bonding through movement, playfulness and joy.
This practice will help to develop confidence, trust in each other, and to teach communication
skills that everyone can apply within their own family inside and outside of class.

Program includes:
1. Games and warmup to develop strength, cooperation and trust in a playful way, establishing
communities of support.
2. Partner Yoga Poses mutually benefiting both partners for coordination and flexibility.
3. Flying Poses, a highlight for kids, and empowerment for adults.
Beginners are welcome, clear instruction makes all the poses fun, safe and accessible.
Kids ages 3-12 and parents/family members enjoy the creative challenges and playful aspects
of family yoga.

After 15 years of practice in France, United States, Greece and Luxembourg, she wanted to teach yoga in order to share the benefits of this wonderful practice and incredible ife’s philosophy. She completed her 200 hours teacher training in a very spiritually powerful place in Greece. Loving, listening and understanding others without judgment is her leitmotiv in life. Animated by

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