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Bonnes raisons de pratiquer une activité « corps-esprit »

Le yoga, avec plusieurs autres techniques comme le pilates par exemple, fait partie des approches corps-esprit. Grâce à son approche holistique, il offre de nombreux bienfaits sur la santé mentale et physique… Pour être à l’écoute de son corps .. Être à l’écoute de son corps, c’est être conscient de ce qui ce passe dans son corps et donc,

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6 Ways Runners benefits from Pilates

Pilates improves performance in every sport and fitness activity. Here’s how: Increased core strength. Most athletes understand the importance of a strong core, but some do not really understand what the word “core” refers to precisely. Core strength is not synonymous with abdominal strength. Your core encompasses your entire torso, including your hips, abdominals, back, shoulders and neck. When

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8 rules before you take a Pilates class

Every exercise system has its internal code.  These rules aren’t typically posted, but simply “known” to the regular students who observe the code and even embrace the invisible rules with a certain righteousness. Pilates is no exception to this conduct and if you want to attend your first class without drawing attention to your self as a newcomer here is

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Soin du Corps